One Mom of Multiples

Well, here I am at 26 weeks. Just me, 2 of my 3 boys, and little girls in the tummy. I truly am a mom of multiples. In more ways than one! Last night, I went to my first official "moms of multiplies" group. It was interesting. A small turn out. Probably because of the … Continue reading One Mom of Multiples

Bird’s Eye View

I am pregnant! Yes, early pregnant, with our fourth child! What?! I can hardly believe it myself. Once I get beyond the blahs and ickyness, I'll be a little more excited. For now, it just means that my food is continuously stuck in my throat and nothing sounds good to eat. I have bouts of post … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View

Personal Day

Sometimes, I just want to take a personal day from motherhood. Like, today. My house is a mess. I haven't showered. I had a headache earlier today and let the kids play in the back yard while I laid on the couch. I didn't even watch them. Not even my 18-month-old. I have about...(hang on, I'm … Continue reading Personal Day

Early Riser

I've never been a morning person. But, these past few weeks I have been getting up at 6 am--before my kids. It's pretty much a miracle. And I am so thankful that God truly cares about the mundane, the details of our lives (Psalm 37:23). I am thankful that He doesn't just do grand miracles like giving … Continue reading Early Riser