Bird’s Eye View

I am pregnant! Yes, early pregnant, with our fourth child! What?! I can hardly believe it myself. Once I get beyond the blahs and ickyness, I'll be a little more excited. For now, it just means that my food is continuously stuck in my throat and nothing sounds good to eat. I have bouts of post … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View

Personal Day

Sometimes, I just want to take a personal day from motherhood. Like, today. My house is a mess. I haven't showered. I had a headache earlier today and let the kids play in the back yard while I laid on the couch. I didn't even watch them. Not even my 18-month-old. I have about...(hang on, I'm … Continue reading Personal Day

Early Riser

I've never been a morning person. But, these past few weeks I have been getting up at 6 am--before my kids. It's pretty much a miracle. And I am so thankful that God truly cares about the mundane, the details of our lives (Psalm 37:23). I am thankful that He doesn't just do grand miracles like giving … Continue reading Early Riser

I’m Yours

Sentimental reading of my blog last night has inspired me. Inspired me to start blogging again. Not because my children are so great, or my writing so poetic or humorous, but because there is something completely cathartic about being able to laugh at yourself and your kids. Writing helps me take motherhood, an already dauntingly … Continue reading I’m Yours