Snow falling on blogs

Snow Falling on Cedars. Remember that movie? Well, I never saw it, but this is snow falling on blogs! Like it?

Actually, that’s what it’s been doing here in Pittsburgh the past several days so I suppose it’s appropos. Lots of beautiful snow showers—though nothing more than a dusting has stuck around. But still beautiful to see. Anyway, I think it will be snowing on my blog until January 4, according to WordPress, unless I get tired of it and decide to cut it off. What power…to make it stop snowing!

You’ve  also probably noticed the new theme. I really like this one! But bear with me as I get this blogging thing all figured out. It could change again–it’s too much fun playing around with themes and widgets. (I feel so cool now that I know what a widget is). Welcome to the 21st century, I guess! Haha. Anyway, hope you like it. I think it makes the blog easier to read. Now, if only I could figure out how to do the teaser for my posts. Anyone know?

Oh, and thanks for reading and commenting. It’s nice to hear your thoughts, stories, and laughter over the cyber miles that separate us. God bless!

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