He heard

“But I call to God,

and the LORD saves me.

Evening, morning, and noon

I cry out in distress,

and he hears my voice.

He ransoms me unharmed

from the battle waged against me…”

Psalm 55:16-18

I know God always hears our prayers, but yesterday…Wow. Not one person was killed in the thrash of tornadoes that moved across parts of Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana. That is nothing short of a miracle.

My heart was heavy after having followed the devastating EF5 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Mo on Sunday. I could not stop thinking about the survivors, the rescue workers, the victims. I am usually a compassionate person, but I am not usually moved to tears by events happening thousands of miles away to people I do not know. This week was different. The tears came rather easily, and so did the prayers. I just simply cannot fathom sitting down to my Sunday dinner and fifteen minutes later not even having a roof over my head.

Life can change so quickly and drastically. It’s a tragic reminder of how fragile and precious life really is. All we have is the present. The future is in God’s hands.

And thankfully, thankfully, He hears our cries and He answers our prayers. Amazing.

I spoke with my sister’s sister-in-law, who was sweating it out in Massachusettes waiting for word on the progress of the storm system and the wellbeing of our shared family living in its path. Over invisible waves beaming from satellites to cell towers miles and miles apart we prayed. Her on the East Coast, me on the West. It was powerful to be united in prayer at that moment.

And God heard. He heard us in our distress, just like He heard David in his. We have a pretty amazing God. Compassionate, merciful, loving–that He would hear us in our time of need and change the course of history. People can say what they want about God’s wrath and judgement at times like this.

But I’d rather speak of His mercy and grace for they far outweigh His wrath. That’s what the GOOD news is people!

Thank you for your prayers as well. And for those in the heartland of America, know that you have lots of people praying for you, from east to west.

Again, here are some websites if you feel so inclined to give to  disaster relief efforts for Joplin and other areas affected by this horrific tornado season.

Thank you!

Missouri Department of Public Safety

Salvation Army

Red Cross

3 thoughts on “He heard

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you, Brooke! For praying, and for encouraging us with texts, phone calls, and scripture verses last week. We are so thankful for you, and for God’s protection. The image of you and Christina praying brought tears to my eyes! Love you.

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