Mac Daddy

I am rarely excited by electronics, but this? This? This laptop? This awesomeness? This 13-inch LED backlit widescreen notebook? Another story entirely. I never ever thought I would be a Mac lover. I’ve always used a PC and thought Mac people were a little stuck on themselves and their little white computers. Even their commercials were condescending. You know, the arrogant emo guy dressed in black making fun of the PC geek in glasses and a suit–a little much. Maybe it was the attitude or the price, but I was pretty anti-Mac. Why pay more for the same thing, I thought. But oh, they are not the same.

We knew it was time for a new computer when our old IBM laptop had to be rebooted for the umpteenth time and we could not even plug in our digital camera without Windows shutting down. Being an iphone owner, my husband had Mac on the brain. “A Mac? Really? What? They are so expensive!” was my reaction. Turns out, they are not all $2,000. Good thing. Still, they cost more than I wanted to spend on a laptop and wasn’t convinced that they really lived up to all the hype. They do.

We’ve owned our Macbook Pro for one day and I am already a HUGE fan. I am completely surprised, to be honest. Darrell was super excited to get one, but I was on the fence. Even at the Apple store, when the sales woman showed me some cool features, etc., I could have walked away and barely (I say barely) blinked an eye. But once I got over the price (it will be our Christmas gift, Birthday gift, tax return gift… ;)) and we got home and booted that baby up, I fell in love. And now, there is no going back.

You want to know one of the things that really sold me on it? Click on the video below. It took me about 5 minutes to create. I know they get the “mac” from Macintosh, but I think it should come from “MacDaddy.”

6 thoughts on “Mac Daddy

  1. amy says:

    Love the photos Brooke! It’s amazing how different those two look from one another. They are both so adorable I just want to snuggle them. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Too cute 🙂 I love the attire! And yes, Macs are wonderful. Have you played with Garage Band yet? I had a little bit too much fun with that one night and Justin had to cut me off and make me go to bed. Oh, and iPhoto will give you some great ideas for Christmas gifts! Have fun!

  3. Heather Scarano says:

    Landon looks just like you! But wait, Jacob looks like you, too! How do they both look like you, and yet look so different from each other? Cute video, even cuter boys. I miss them! Just curious, what do you like the most about the Mac vs. the PC? Was it hard to adjust to a Mac after being a PC user for so long? How different are the programs?

  4. Brooke says:

    Oh heather, I could write a book about what I like about the Mac. Jk. I guess I love the ease of the programs and how creative you can be with them. It really is not too hard of an adjustment. Somethings are different, but the programs themselves are so easy! It’s hard to explain…Maybe I’ll send you an email with details of what I love!! haha. Miss you guys and hope all is well 🙂

  5. ruthcm says:

    Your little boys are soooo cute! Watching that video again this time and just having reread “bottoms up” it’s amazing what a good job you do keeping them clean, dry and fed. Good job Mom!

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