Not so dirty diapers…

Somehow, I knew this post was coming. I just didn’t know when.

It saddens me a little because I really wanted to write about my pleasant grocery shopping experience this morning. (I usually loathe grocery shopping.) I wanted to write about the fact that I spent $99 on our groceries for the week, which, included our Thanksgiving meal, bird and all, and about how I even managed to save $8 in coupons on things I actually needed, of which I was very proud.

By the way, I don’t know what you all normally spend on groceries, but it seems I can barely make it out of the store these days without spending close to $100 if not more—and I go shopping every week!! Am I doing something wrong, or is that normal? So to make it out of Wal-Mart sane and only spending $99 for Thanksgiving PLUS, I felt good.

I also wanted to write about how this will be a Thanksgiving of firsts, the first time I will cook a Thanksgiving meal all by myself, and our first Thanksgiving just the four of us. (Okay five, a friend of ours is coming over. :))

But instead, I find myself writing about poop. Please excuse me. But if this blog is an outlet where I can  spill my guts and get some sort of comic relief, then unfortunately, I have to write this. And those of you with kids will, if not appreciate it, then relate to it. At least I hope so.

Let me preface this by saying that as a mother for almost two years now, poop is something I’ve become accustomed to. Wiping dirty bottoms, washing soiled clothes is all part of the deal and I barely notice it anymore. This afternoon, however, was a little different.

When I went in to get Jacob up from his nap I immediately noticed three things. One, he was not wearing any pants, not even a diaper. Two, there was a wad of poop in the corner. And three, his diaper was lying next to the wad of poop. On further examination, I noticed poop on the sheets, the side of the pack n play, the wall, and yes… fingers and toes. Disgusting.

After wiping what I could off his chubby buns, fingers, and toes, it was straight to the bath for him and to the washer for everything else.

I know the children’s book is true. Everybody poops. But not everybody touches it and then proceeds to wipe it on the walls. Do we need some education here??

Well, the good news is we survived. I survived. And now my boys are in bed and I can relax and write and find the humor in it.

3 thoughts on “Not so dirty diapers…

  1. Brooke says:

    Haha. Phew! Thanks Amy. I’m glad you found it funny! I was really nervous about writing it and turning people off. I mean it is gross, after all and probably not a common subject to blog about. But who knows…I’m new to this blogging world..maybe lots of moms write about poo experiences.

  2. Patti B. says:

    My Pat pooped when he was about 18 months old, and wiped it all over the wall. Turns out he was my worst one about sleeping unless all things were just right in the environment, so, ( I’m guessing) that he got bored and creatively thought of something ” to do with the poo.” I think it is really reflective of intelligience, Brooke. Anyway, don’t feel alone in this experience. There’s more Mom’s of poop-smearing kids out here. Oh, and that was awesome about your Thanksgiving meal savings, and the turkey looks great!! You and your little family-Awe!!! I know you and Darrell are good parents.

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