Items In a Purse

Any given day I am amazed at some of the things I find in my purse. So one day, I decided to make a list of what lurked inside. Here's what I found, most likely in this order. I thought it might interest you: 1 Ketchup packet 1 Chick-fil-A sauce packet 2 mismatched children's socks … Continue reading Items In a Purse

Posts I Almost Wrote

It's been too long. Embarrassingly long. Kinda of like that person whose number you got and said you would call and then forgot, and then kept forgetting. And you forgot for so long, that even when you remembered you were supposed to call you were too embarrassed to pick up the phone? Yeah, it was … Continue reading Posts I Almost Wrote

What’s new

Here's what's new around our house these days… Yup, he's pretty much a walker now! Finally! He is 13 months old. As we settle into this second year of having two in tow, things are getting easier.  It's a nice break. When I  found out I was going to have another baby only 14 months … Continue reading What’s new