I have the cutest kids!

Yesterday was one of “those” days. My dog was eating crayons, (the orange ones in case you were wondering); a bottle I gave Landon in an effort to streamline our dinner routine leaked all over the high chair, the floor, me, him, our dog; and when ripping a diaper from my upright two-year old anxiously awaiting a bath I got a poopy surprise and found myself desperately trying to save us all from its stinky, germ-ridden wrath while he wriggled to get in the tub.

So today I am remembering that I have the cutest kids ever!

Landon, the cutie patootie

Landon, the cutie patootie

Jacob watching daddy shovel snow.

Um, is it me or do they look like twins? Like, the same age, not identical. Wow. Epiphany. No wonder these days I have plenty of “those” days. Good thing they are so cute!

8 thoughts on “I have the cutest kids!

  1. She's a Maineiac says:

    Your kids ARE the cutest!! So sweet. My two kids look like twins sometimes and they are four years apart. They have the same eyes, dimples and smiles. Sometimes when I find an old newborn photo, I can’t tell who is who at first! LOL

  2. Heather Scarano says:

    I can hardly look at these pics without crying … Landon is so BIG! Where has the time gone?? I hope it works out to see you next month. Now that Landon is older, they are looking more and more alike. XO

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