Life’s a Beach (Not really)

"The Great Wave of Kanagawa"

Just call me the reluctant dragon.  Reluctant because I am, and dragon, because I’m pretty sure my husband sees fire coming from my nostrils when I get like this.

You see, a very wonderful thing has happened: my husband has been given a shot at his dream to be a small business owner, which means we’re moving.  I’m excited on all levels. Excited for him, for us, for the opportunity, for adventure, even to move.

However, I find myself playing the role of the “Brooke, the Hesitant” as we began discussing plans for our departure.

My husband is a plunge-forward-think-later kind of guy. He does cannonballs into the pool without testing the water. When we were out in Los Angeles before I even met him, I heard stories of him diving into the Pacific Ocean in March. The guy is nuts! I can only explain how he ended up with me by saying it must be an “opposites attract” sort of thing.

Naturally, I do not even entertain the idea of plunging into the Pacific in March. I am one of those people who sticks her big toe in, shrinks back, and then paces on the pool deck for about ten minutes gathering courage (or debating the idea) to jump in. And sometimes I don’t even jump! I get in the shallow end, feet first, inching along until my legs are numb, then waist, then belly and on and on.

I’d probably spare myself some agony if I had just jumped in like him. Although sometimes, I think he wishes he had tested the water.

So maybe someday, somehow we can meet in the middle.

Is today that day?

I sure hope so because I don’t really feel like getting pulled into the Pacific Ocean head first, and I know we can’t sit on the beach!

7 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach (Not really)

  1. Jarah says:

    Good metaphor for life decisions. I’m the beach sitter. The comfortable one who would rather stay put not dive in head first or even go in the water for that matter…there could be sharks. That’s my problem I need to go despite the sharks that may be there or I’ll miss the boat.

  2. livelaughloveliquor says:

    Congats on your husbands new business venture!

    I can totally understand why you feel reluctant – its a big change. But thru change comes growth. You may end up loving where ever it is that you are going. Wade in a little at a time, and eventually, you’ll get used to the water.

    And in the meantime? Get packing! 🙂

  3. Tori Nelson says:

    I’m a wait-on-the-beach-with-towels-and-a-first-aid-kit kind of girl, so I get the worried feeling of delving into something new. All I can say is, in the rare times I’ve found myself pushed in the water, it’s always turned out ok!

  4. Philip says:

    Brooke that is great news about Darrell going for his dream of owning his own business. That is a major indevor that you and he will be under taking. I hope that you will be granted a great adventure that lays ahead for Darrell and you and the boys.

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