Setting Sail and Sucking It In

In a few days, my husband and I will be leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa and boarding a cruise ship. I couldn’t be more excited. I have never been on a cruise before. And so like any newbie would be, I have been dreaming of crystal blue waters, sun on my face, and … Continue reading Setting Sail and Sucking It In

One Fish, Two Fish, Totally Gross Fish

Last night was the second night in a row I have ruined dinner. I am accepting any and all sympathies. The other night it was Harvest Paella gone awry. No pun intended, because there is absolutely nothing humorous about ruining a perfectly good meal. I literally woke up the next morning with hunger pains in my … Continue reading One Fish, Two Fish, Totally Gross Fish

Somebody Stop Me!

It's candy corn season. Somebody stop me. Please. I will eat these things until my belly aches, my throat hurts and I am otherwise convinced I am slowly killing myself. Death by candy corns. Even worse than my possible comatose state or death caused by obscene amounts of sucrose, is this sobering statement about sugar: … Continue reading Somebody Stop Me!