From Terrifying to Touchable

Not wanting to take pictures of my own disgusting toes for your viewing pleasure, I just googled images to see if there was a picture of someone else’s “ugly” feet I could show you. Let me reassure you, there are lots ugly, down right disgusting feet out there. Some that made me cringe, some that made my skin crawl and my teeth hurt. Eww, gross.

Therefore, first and foremost I am thankful that I don’t have curled yellow claws for toenails or scaly red bumps all over my feet. And secondly, I am thankful that at last I have a portion of my evening to tend to them. The poor things have been ignored for months. A few days ago I finally wiped off nail polish that had been on them since July. JULY, people. There really wasn’t much to wipe off…

So anyway, hopefully by the end of the night, my feet will end up looking like this…

Image from…now doesn't that sound nice.

Well, minus the lilly… and toe ring.

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