Running Like a Mother

As with most things these days, I am a little late, but I'll say it anyway--Happy Mother's Day! Motherhood. Wow! What a crazy, important and potentially disastrous adventure. The thing about motherhood is it is a trial by error, trial by fire sort of thing. And that is what makes it, I believe, the most … Continue reading Running Like a Mother

From Terrifying to Touchable

Not wanting to take pictures of my own disgusting toes for your viewing pleasure, I just googled images to see if there was a picture of someone else's "ugly" feet I could show you. Let me reassure you, there are lots ugly, down right disgusting feet out there. Some that made me cringe, some that … Continue reading From Terrifying to Touchable

What’s new

Here's what's new around our house these days… Yup, he's pretty much a walker now! Finally! He is 13 months old. As we settle into this second year of having two in tow, things are getting easier.  It's a nice break. When I  found out I was going to have another baby only 14 months … Continue reading What’s new