These are the days?

Do I see a push coming on?

I’ve had the relatively same experience a few times recently. It goes something like this:

Me out and about with my kids, usually holding one, chasing another. One might be crying, or screaming, or kicking; most definitely someone is running. I am probably trying to do something totally unreasonable like feed them a meal in public or run an errand to Staples. A kind middle-adged mother, whose kids are now starting college, looks at me and smiles. Then she says with empathy,

“I remember those days.”

I wasn’t sure what to think about these comments at first. Sure, she looks empathetic, but what is she really thinking? Is she wishing for “those days” again? (Impossible!) Is she so relieved that they are over? What prompted her to say that? (Oh yeah, the scene we are making.) What is she thinking about me? Is she judging my “motherhood” skills? Are my kids that out of control? Do I look that stressed? (I probably do.)

But after all the conjecturing and worrying about how this little statement might reflect on my capability as a mother, I’ve come to this conclusion:

How could you not remember these days?

I spend three quarters of my day chasing kids, making PBJs, wiping dirty body parts, picking up cars, puzzle pieces, books, zoo animals…you get the idea. My most used lines lately are: “If you don’t (obey mommy) on the count of three…,” “No hitting,” “No pushing,” “No tackling,” “If he’s crying that means he doesn’t like it,” “Now it’s Landon’s (Jacob’s) turn,” and others.

But then there are the good moments. The times when we snuggle up and “get cosy,” as Jacob says, and he “reads” a book to me. The times when Jacob actually does share, or he tries to boss Landon around by repeating my exact words. Or the times when Landon gives me the biggest smile, or wettest kiss, or says the absolute most polite “peeese” I’ve ever heard from a 17 month old.

These days may be a little sour at times, but they are also very sweet. And very, very memorable.

Someday, I am going to miss this face so much.

8 thoughts on “These are the days?

  1. Jarah says:

    Love this post. I know how you feel. It is sometimes frustrating, but mostly sweetness. God gave us precious little ones to love on.

  2. michelle says:

    I can relate to your post. My pastor just said, “The comment used by people so often, Watch out your children will grow up to fast. Really means that you wish you would of done things different and had more time with your kids.” I think about this often now and try to remind myself that I want to cherish this time. Even with all the hitting, biting, screaming, chasing, and stress that I often feel. I don’t want to have regrets.
    Let’s commit to praying for each other. We should also get back to trying to hold each other accountable to reading our Bibles. I think that would help us the most. What do you say? Wanna start tonight tackling our Bible in a year again? Where do you want to start?

  3. Jill says:

    I have vowed I will never tell another mother, even when I am old, “they grow up so fast.” Instead, I’m going to say, “you have so many wonderful memories to look forward to.”

    P.S. Landon is such a cutie! I love those blonde curls. And Jacob still has his baby face.

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