I’ve Started a New Thing

  Well hello friends! It's been a while. Like over a year a while. Wow. Life, like always and for everyone, has been so very full. Mostly full of good things, thankfully, but full and overwhelming nonetheless. One year ago we moved to the country--a 40 acre ranch outside of Sacramento, California. We bought a … Continue reading I’ve Started a New Thing

I’m Gonna Miss This

Last week, I took the pictures off my walls and I cried. The red-eyed ugly cry. I took the curtains down that my neighbor, Judy, hemmed for me and I cried some more. I sat on the bench behind home plate and watched one of the last neighborhood baseball games in our backyard and I … Continue reading I’m Gonna Miss This

My New Life

Today I brushed my teeth while unloading the dishwasher. My Christmas decorations are still sitting in the middle of my garage and I haven't showered in two days. It's 12:45 pm. This is my life. The twins have arrived. As usual, I've had a thousand blog posts swirling in my head for the past four … Continue reading My New Life

The Belly

It's official guys, I'm huge. Last Tuesday, at my weekly doctor's appointment my belly measured 44 weeks! And, ahem, I'm only 34. In the span of two weeks I gained eight pounds and my belly grew 8 cm. I've entered the stage of the freakishly abnormal belly and it feels like it. I am starting … Continue reading The Belly