I’ve Started a New Thing



Well hello friends! It’s been a while. Like over a year a while. Wow.

Life, like always and for everyone, has been so very full. Mostly full of good things, thankfully, but full and overwhelming nonetheless. One year ago we moved to the country–a 40 acre ranch outside of Sacramento, California. We bought a large fixer-upper farmhouse, as if our hands weren’t full enough already. This picture was taken last fall when we were in the middle of reconstructing the front porch. It was a giant mess, if you can’t tell. I’m so thankful our house doesn’t look like this any longer, but we still have  ways to go to complete the renovations.

We are not newbies to fixers, but we are newbies to country life. Sometimes I love it, other times I feel like Eva Gabore on Green Acres minus the furs and mascara.

But we are doing it. One day at a time we are taking our blessings (that also come with work) and doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

In the cracks of time life allows, I’ve also been writing. Not a lot, and not here unfortunately. But however, wherever, I’m just glad I am doing it.

I was so excited when last week something I wrote was published with (in)courage! Below is the cute graphic they made and you can read my post here


I’ve also decided to start a new website/blog where be writing about things related to motherhood and ranch life and my faith in Jesus Christ. I’d love for you to follow me over there, as I will be writing more there than here.

Anyway, that’s the news from my tiny corner of the world. I hope life is going well in yours. 🙂


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