Lessons in moving with toddlers

It’s been such a hectic couple of weeks round here, to stay the least, I almost forgot I had a blog. Okay, not quite but there have been so many things I have wanted to write about, like the well-loved oleaginous Whirly Pop I threw out after six years of use while packing a few weeks ago. But now they seem irrelevant and somewhat distant. Oh well. Now that we are settled in the extended stay hotel (our new home for the next few months), I figure I will have more time to write, blog, journal, read my Bible and start training for that half-marathon. I’m hoping so, anyway.

As I slogged through these past few emotional and insanely busy weeks I’ve been making mental notes; moving with kids is no simple task. So, here they are:

One:  Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes, or the like, are not a significant source of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, calcium, protein or any other nutritional source that your body needs to create energy and feed your brain. As my husband would smile and say, “empty caloriieeeessss.” I hate to admit it but–he’s right.

Two: Trying to pack with a toddler and a crawler present is like shoveling snow during a blizzard. You are working against nature.

Three: Powdered sugar works well enough for sweetening coffee and grapefruit, but bread and jelly are two essentials no family should live without no matter how imminent the move.

Four: I knew Butterfingers weren’t the breakfast of champions, but what is? Coffee. (And eggs). Practically lived on it. Well, that and Easter Basket Cakes. 😉

Five: Utilize the “play” aspect of your pack n’ play. I will remember this one next time.

Six: If you ever buy a car top carrier, fill it with four suitcases full of clothes, and decide to stop for the night, take the car top carrier off of your car. Otherwise, down right no good fools will steal it leaving you with exactly two pairs of pajamas, one sweatshirt, one pair of sweatpants, a pair of jeans, a onesie, and a t-shirt for your two children. (Thank goodness for home owner’s insurance.)

Seven: If you have any sort of inkling at all that you might be moving in the somewhat distant future, start packing now!

Eight: It’s okay to ball your eyes out thinking of how you are moving out of the only home your children have ever known.

And last but not least…

Nine: Smile! God loves you, you have beautiful children full of life and goodness, and before you know it this will all be a memory 🙂

Cheese! I'm helping mommy pack!

13 thoughts on “Lessons in moving with toddlers

  1. YFG says:

    You only lost a few clothes! We lost a kid in Kresge’s once. Found him three days later eating rabbit food and sleeping with the Hamsters !!!!!!

  2. Tori Nelson says:

    Oh, I stressed a little just reading this. You are a trooper! I can’t imagine such a big move with two little ones! You are right, though, that pretty soon life will settle and calm down and the flustered rush of moving will be a distant memory!

  3. Rachael B says:

    Those “no good fools.” I’m shaking my fist at them. Hope the rest of the move goes smoother! I’m totally craving little debbies now! They may have empty calories, but they sure to taste good!

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      thanks for the fist shake! I am sure they felt it and are scared. Seriously though, how disappointed are they going to be when they open the suitcases and find a bunch of baby clothes! So pointless. Enjoy your little debbies 🙂

  4. Philip Medcalf says:

    Brooke it is good that Darrell and you and the boys have moved on to Darrell’s new part of his job with Chick-fil-la.

  5. She's a Maineiac says:

    Little Debbies! mmm-MMM!

    Your post made me laugh because oh how I have been there. We moved when my son was only 4 and my daughter was 6 months old. Shoveling during a snowstorm is more productive!

    Love the last line of your post too. Well said! 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    Finally caught up on your posts from the past month I’ve been mostly without internet! Love reading your thoughts, seeing my nephews and catching up on your life!! Are you going to post Jacob’s “aw man” video? 🙂 Miss you sis

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