Goodbye Grandma

Grandma going to a high school dance.

Well, we didn’t make it to Maine in time.

My grandma passed away on August 3, the night before we were scheduled to leave at 4 a.m. We awoke the next morning with solemn hearts and took our time eating breakfast and loading the car. There was no more need to rush. We had missed her “home going.” I wish we could have seen her, even though she wouldn’t have been the person I will always remember. She would have only been a shell of her true self.

I am definitely going to miss her.

I was fortunate enough to have known her into my adult years and she became my friend. Because of the years we had together, she will live a more complete woman in my memory.

A woman who loved talking politics and religion and above all, sharing her opinion. A woman who loved her husband just as much twelve years after his death as she did when she married him. A woman who made the best jello salad and spaghetti sauce. A woman who felt bad about all the trouble she had given her mother. A woman with many friends, and the mother of EIGHT children. A woman who did laundry every day except Thursday, when her kids were little.

Grandma with baby number one!

A prayer warrior…and a world class worrier. The wife of a WWII pilot, and the younger sister of two brothers. A believer in the LORD Jesus Christ, and a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend.

She is a woman I can’t wait to know in Heaven.

“Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble in fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:30-31

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandma

  1. RachaelB says:

    Thinking of you in your loss, but happy for the blessing you had in your life. My grandmother passed when I was young, but I smile every time I think of her. I have some great and happy memories that will stay with me forever, as I’m sure you have as well. Praise God she’s with him now!

  2. redheadrox888 says:

    I am a bit out of date with these wishes.. but I hope the sadness in your heart will subside one day. I can’T even imagine losing either one of my grandparents. I struck a deal with them both when I was 13 years old, I promised them that I would visit/call every week even when I was grown with children of my own… and their deal was that they are not allowed to die.
    To this day, we are still holding our ends of the bargain… 20-ish years later. I think they are a bit scared of never dying now that they are very old… but I really like having them around. And of course.. my grandma makes the best darn macaroni sauce!!
    But tell me, your grand-ma make jello salad and spaghetti sauce… like.. together?? I never even heard of a jello salad.
    My sincere condolences dearest blogger… 🙂

  3. wwlindberg says:

    Hello, I wrote a poem for a friend once thought you might like it,though you might need to substitute some lol.

    Hard to let go

    It was hard to let go, when you took your first steps,
    but I knew I had too.

    It was hard to let go, your first time with out training wheels
    but I knew I had too.

    It was hard to let go, when it was time for your first date,
    but I knew I had too.

    It was hard to let go, when you moved out of the house,
    but I knew I had too.

    It was hard to let go, when I gave your hand in marriage,
    but I knew I had too.

    It was hard to let go, when God called me home,
    but I knew I had too.

    Daughter, I know it’s hard to let go.
    thoughts of all the things we’ve done together,
    the happy the sad, the glorious and the bad.

    Daughter you know there’s going to be a time,
    where you’ll need to let go.

    Daughter I’ll still be waiting here,
    when it’s your time to say hello.

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