Giving Thanks

I’m blessed in so many ways and here  are a few of the things I’m thankful for this year…

1. for God’s grace. ( I am thankful for every aspect of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, but grace…wow. The longer I’m a parent the more God’s grace is so astounding to me.)

2. for two healthy, happy, loving boys.

3. for a loving, God fearing, honest, handsome and hard-working husband.

4. for my parents who have supported, guided, forgiven, loved and invested in me for 29 years.

5. for sisters that I can also call friends.

6. for living in the U.S. where me and my family can enjoy freedom like no other country in the world.

7. for all the prayers that God has answered, for those He didn’t, and for all the dreams of mine that have come true.

8. for this blog.

9. for clean water and hot showers.

10. for naptime.

11. for turkeys that come with the the legs tied and pop-up thermometers.

12. for the my health and that of my family.

13. for Jacob’s hugs.

14. for Landon’s smiles and snuggles.

15. for friendships that don’t change in spite of time and distance.

16. for my mac 🙂

17. for all the smells of the holidays.

18. for coffee.

19. for a good night’s rest..whenever it happens.

20. for my first Thanksgiving meal being a success!

One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Heather Scarano says:

    What a great family photo! Landon is such a chunk! And I like your hair-cute. Glad your turkey was a success! It looks great! Xoxo

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