Time to start planning the party…

A royal wedding. It's what a girl wants.

I’m the first to admit that I am not the best at following local, national, and international news. I’m also not particularly fond of following Lady Gaga’s latest outfit or Brad and Angelina’s latest fight.

But as I was flipping through the channels this morning trying to find “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” in our hotel room, I can across a news channel discussing a very fascinating topic: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

If there is one newsworthy story I will follow it’s the royal couple. I’ve always dreamed of the fairytale, and while I’ve gotten pretty close in real life (it’s okay, you can gag now), there is something infinitely fascinating in the lives of the royal family.

The search for Mickey was on hold. I listened carefully as the British newscasters talked of the couple’s recent decision to set a wedding date for April 29. April 29!? Why that’s so soon. I guess it’s time to start planning the wedding watching party!

On a random side note, as I was looking at pictures of Kate Middleton I couldn’t help but notice how she looks like Amanda Bynes, who played a something like America’s version of a princess in the film What a Girl Wants. Coincidence? I dunno. But here are their photos for comparison.

Maybe you can print them out and hang them on the wall for your own Royal Wedding Extravaganza. Just kidding 🙂

The princess

The actress

5 thoughts on “Time to start planning the party…

  1. confusedyuppie says:

    i grew up reading about pricess Di’s dream wedding (and nightmare marriage). hope kate has better luck. but yes, we’re all waiting for the party of a lifetime.
    ps:want to hear abt ‘came pretty close to it in real life’

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