No sanity, no hosing, no problem

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have been falling behind the eight ball in the blogosphere. I’m not sure why I feel the need to apologize, but–I feel the need to apologize. So… sorry.

I’ve been meaning, wanting, thinking about writing of all the fun and exciting happenings around here. Things like…

1. Receiving the “Stylish Blogger Award” from Ournote2self! Thanks guys! Post is coming…

2. My progress, or attempt to start running.

3. Reading through the Bible chronologically (which totally rocks) and the laws of Leviticus I am now reading. Talk about details.

4.  Running on a treadmill in loafers at Homewood Suites while we were in Pennsylvania last week. (Perhaps I will still fill you in on this one).

5. The chaos that has engulfed our home. Between packing, moving, selling off furniture, painting, drywall, and who knows what else (I can’t remember) and little kiddies our house feels like a disaster area every day.

6. On the positive side, our shower was fixed while we were away. There was no hosing off required. Thank God!

7. A little red toy fire truck was found under our back “porch” when Casey (our carpenter friend) was doing demo. It’s from the 40s I’m pretty sure. Jacob has been playing with it in our living room. Crazy to think that sixty years ago, some other kid was playing with that same car in this same house.

8. Oh and our back “porch” has graduated from the use of quotation marks. It is now an actual…porch. Hurrah!

Well, I guess that’s about it. Oh, wait there is one more thing. Jacob has learned a new phrase. “Ohh man!” he says, particularly when I am changing his diaper. I wonder where he gets that?

So my apologies to the millions of readers out there who were dying to know what I’ve been up to the past few days. That about sums it up. You know, other then the regular mom stuff.

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