Forget Auntie Em, It’s Sister Heather for me

Well, my sister‘s been blogging more about our move to Kentucky than I have! I guess in all the upheaval I find comic relief in writing about my cheap sunglasses instead.

Anyway, you should check out what she’s written! She blogs from her cute little ranch home in a small town in Missouri. She’s a writer, college adjunct professor, the mother of two energetic little boys, and the wife of a college baseball coach. She’s got a busy life! Oh, and of course, she’s my big sister. And we are blessed to be able to spend this coming Easter with their family! Looking forward to an easter egg hunt with the cousins 🙂

As you read her post, you will find out a little more about our experience moving here to the western part of Kentucky. It may not be the Wild West, but the weather definitely deserves the title “wild.”

To say the least it’s been an exciting and challenging ride since we packed our car in Virginia and headed over the Appalachian Mountains. In the past two weeks we’ve  had the clothes taken off our backs (almost anyway), had some drama at my husband’s new job, got a flat tire, and witnessed our first tornado siren (and pitch black skies at 7:45 a.m.). And there’s only more craziness to come. This afternoon they are calling more severe weather and with that, possible tornadoes. The wind is kicking up as I write.

Well, that’s it for now. Just wanted to pass along my sister’s post and her blog! Enjoy 🙂 She’s a very talented writer!

4 thoughts on “Forget Auntie Em, It’s Sister Heather for me

  1. YFG says:

    One good thing about KY. When we were there the locals said “this IS God’s country”. Well when I made a call to God there were no long distance charges! Must be so then. YFG

    P.S. Ever try a hat with the sunglasses attached to the bill?

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