Wills weds while I was sleeping

The fairytale comes true!

It saddens me to report that there was no party at my house today. No biscuits, no tea or scones. No taffeta hats, white gloves, or glittering gowns. Tragically, I was not one of the reportedly 2 billion people watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Nope. It was 3 am on the West Coast and I was sleeping. After a grueling week of traveling around Southern California with two tired and cranky tots, we made it to our final destination yesterday; went grocery shopping and began unpacking. Thus distracted by my own adventure (and a little sleepy and absent-minded) I totally forgot that the wedding of the century was on T.V.!

So, while my first crush, HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, married Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, I was sawing logs next to my husband in a strange new place in California. Isn’t life weird? It strikes me at moments like these, how strange life can be. The world is so big that while a British Prince marries his bride, my husband and I are asleep in a random apartment in California, President Obama is en route to visit the victims ravaged by deadly tornadoes in Alabama, while one of those victims wakes up in a hotel room instead of their house, many of my friends and family back home lay on couches in their pjs glued to the television watching this British Prince and wife to be.

Anyway, everyone from Barbara Walters to Joe Shmoe has shared their thoughts on the royal affair, so I feel justified to offer mine. (Yes, I caught the tail end of things when I woke up and have since seen the highlights. I plan to watch the rerun tonight, much to my husband’s dismay).

Kate Middleton, now HRH Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is a classy girl. I haven’t followed the stories on her very much, but she just looks classy, so calm and reserved and yet not uptight. She looked in the very real sense of the word, like a princess. The tiara worked for her, and not just because she will actually wear one now. Her dress was stunning, simple and beautiful, reminiscent of Maria VanTrapp’s from The Sound of Music. Gorgeous. I even heard she did her own makeup. I like her.

As for my former crush, what do you say? Men look the same just about every day, military uniform, tux or jeans. He did have some stunning lapels, though. Ha. He may have been my crush when I was 13, but when all is said and done I think I got a much hunkier, funnier, godlier catch in my husband, so I’m not too broken-hearted.

Besides, they looked so happy! Two kisses on the fabled balcony? Come on! Can life get better? Seriously, they did look genuinely happy and I, for one, think their marriage will last. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic but I’d rather be one than not!

Now here’s something else to talk about: Kate’s sister, Phillipa, and Prince Henry. I saw them joking around as they walked arm in arm out of Westminster Abbey. You know everyone else saw it too, including Will and Kate. Perhaps Wills and Kate have discussed them before and wondered if they would be good for each other. And maybe (if they thought they would not be good for each other) despite their attempts to keep them separated, the two will fall in love over champagne toasts at the reception. A lot of people meet at weddings, you know (wink wink).

So, as far as I can see, the only possible improvement to this fairytale wedding, could be the forthcoming union of Prince Harry and Philippa. Then the story would truly be one from the pages of a Jane Austen novel. Now, if only they could have married on the same day. Double weddings. So Shakespearean, so Austen, so English.

Alright, settle down Brooke. One royal wedding is enough to celebrate. We will worry about Harry’s future nuptials another day. For now, raise your tea cup, water glass, and sippy cup (or the like) to Will and Kate and everything British!

9 thoughts on “Wills weds while I was sleeping

  1. confusedyuppie says:

    oh, im so sad you missed it! i missed more than half of it too (school appointments etc/) and was hoping u would have all the juicy details. and i didnt notice harry and pippa, although it would be difficult for her to be princess. She would have to live in her sis’s shadow all her life. As it is, when u look at her you think ‘almost perfect’ . And then u look at Kate…

  2. Harsha says:

    I was shopping with my mom for groceries while the world was going gaga about the fairytale wedding. Still, being a girl I couldn’t wait to watch Kate’s wedding gown. It was gorgeous.

    And the double wedding would have made enough for a beautiful novel. But that is too much of a fairytale!

  3. She's a Maineiac says:

    I was dead asleep too. My husband actually got up at 5 am and watched most of it! He’s a romantic at heart I guess. I loved when he first sees her and whispers “You look beautiful” That was exactly what my husband did at our wedding, 11 years ago in April. Takes my breath away! I truly am happy for them, they seem so down to earth and in love.

  4. Tori Nelson says:

    Hope you guys get a nice, CALM week. I would sit very still and take naps. You have got to be one of the busiest moms around!
    I thought Kate looked gorgeous, although the formality of the whole wedding was a bit much for my barefoot hippie self. She really was calm and serene, especially impressive when the WORLD is watching your every move!

  5. Cristina says:

    Yes, I was also sleeping and perfectly content to go on the Internet and watch the most important 20 minutes of the wedding (from Kate’s arrival at the church to the marriage vows) on cnn.com with my two boys at the reasonable hour of 8am. Luke was the most fascinated by the video. =)

  6. Jill says:

    I loved Kate’s dress and was glad she didn’t show up in a trendy, strapless number. Lizzy Windsor would have disapproved as well. Love the name “Phillipa,” but I think she should have spent a little less time at the tanning salon b/f the wedding.

  7. happykidshappymom says:

    You have a great reason for missing out on what was reportedly a beautiful ceremony. Me? Not so much.

    While I was waiting for my haircut one day, I picked up a People Magazine. Flipped through to the story about the wedding plans. Saw a picture of an impeccably-clad woman smiling at a table full of invitations. “Just two months until the wedding!” the article beamed.

    As I tried to figure out when two months was, to figure out when the wedding would occur, my hairdresser came back to get me, looked at the magazine in my hand, and said, “Oh. Did you watch that this morning?”

    I knew I was out of touch — but that was ridiculous! 🙂

    Guess that’s what happens when you have two little kids…

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!!!!!!! LOL. Yeah, that is what happens when you have kids. So can I have an excuse from not keeping up with my blog very well these past few weeks? I’ve been so slacking in reading and writing my own blog. I guess I’ll get some inspiration one of these days, but life just doesn’t seem to slow down long enough to have “deep” thoughts about things like cheap sunglasses and 30th birthdays. Ah well. I’m glad I’m not the only one who missed the wedding 😉 Keep writing!

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