Check your battery!

Today, I am thankful for a blustery fall day and comfort foods like grilled cheese, tomato soup, and homemade apple crisp. I heart the fall.

Oh yeah, and I am thankful for batteries. To kids, putting new batteries in old toys is like getting new toys, and thus might as well be comparable to winning the lottery. Its, like, awesome. Kids are entertained. Mom gets a break. Everybody wins!

P.S. The title of this post is a line from a movie I watched several times as a kid. Can anyone guess it? Only if you’re a dork like me…or a member of my family.

7 thoughts on “Check your battery!

  1. mkmeierfamily says:

    Wow…I suddenly want to watch Sister Act again. I wish I had it in my movie collection. I had forgotten about that line. I love both Sister Act and Sister Act II. Gotta love Whoopie. =)

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