Not All Men Are From Mars

I have one more thank you to write. It is to my husband.

I know I said I wasn’t going to be thankful for the “givens” in life like my family, kids, or the roof over my head. But as I seek to explain this very gushy, gooey, post about the hubs, I am going to say that having a great husband is really not a given in life.

Yes, he leaves his dirty clothes on the floor no matter what sort of strategic hamper placement I devise. Yes, I will probably always feel we could use more quality time. No, he will never completely understand me. Yes, he puts the wrong lids on sippy cups, and the other day I found him feeding our 18-month-old son, trail mix. Trail mix. You know, the healthy, tasty, little snack full of choking hazards. Apparently dads are not honed in to this faux-pas.

But there are also the times when he tells me about the latest Parents article he read while in the bathroom. The times I find him washing the dishes, or the way he reads books to Landon and plays with Jacob.

And how could I forget the times when he watches the kids so I can have time to myself, go to the grocery store, get my hair done, or go shopping. Or how he worked so hard to secure a gym membership I desperately wanted but have somehow failed to use these last few weeks. Oops.

At times I may complain, as I am quite certain all women do, about his lack of assistance with domestic duties, but I can honestly say he is one of, if not the, hardest working person I know. He attacks his plans with passion and diligence. He is a pursuer of life, love, and the Lord. He is honest, strong, understanding, and kind of a softie. He makes me laugh. He loves me.

And when it seems to me like the whole world is coming to an end because I got five hours of sleep, am in desperate need of a shower, and have no idea how I will have the patience to make it through the day, he listens, he tries to understand, and reminds me, “I am on your side.”

The best part is, I know it’s true.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Not All Men Are From Mars

  1. ellen says:

    Love love LOVED this post! Phil says “I’m on your side” to me too and it’s so true…no matter how many things our hubs don’t do…there are many things that they do take care of. What a wonderful reminder Brooke, thank you 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    Johnny come lately, on this one, Brooke. I must have missed it.I think looking at what we do have, instead of what we don’t is definately a prescription that is needed in marriage. We’ve been married 40 years now, and our “formula” if you will has been our committment to each other and to the Lord, and our willingness to forgive DAILY. (which is also the Lord’s doing) I didn’t realize this until lately as I pondered how we made it for 40 years. There is another book out there called, “Women are from Moab, Men are from Israel” which better explains marriage according to God. Tom has been my Boaz all these years. At times, I haven’t felt worthy to be his Ruth, but God has blessed me.

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