Do’s, Don’ts, Wont’s

Well, it’s week 23.

Which, for me, really means I am starting the third trimester. You think I’m kidding. Sadly, I’m not. At my 21 week appointment they measured my belly at a whopping 26 inches (or 26 weeks). Yikes! So it’s probably safe to say that at this point–I am as big as a prego lady is at 28 weeks with one baby. Oh, Lordy.  How, just how, am I going to make it to the end? Anyway, here are a couple things I learned this week:


  • Buy an awesome broom like this. (Because bending over stinks.)
  • Have the cleaning lady come once a week.


  • Wear shoes with laces.


  • Have any cabinet below four feet organized till Christmas. (If I knew how to add an emoji here I’d add the sad faced one with a tear falling down it’s cheek.)


  • To buy some slippers you can mop the floor with. Next time I’m in Wal-Mart in the “As Seen on T.V.” isle, I am looking for them.

One thought on “Do’s, Don’ts, Wont’s

  1. YFG says:

    To heck with the house chores, it’ll wait. Besides that I know your “boys” will help. God bless you lady. I heard a lady comment today that her “kids are like rays of sunshine on the lawn”. I personally think all kids are. If I had any regrets it would only be to have been a better father and grandfather to ours. Love to all.

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