Junk mail

I currently have…let me check…yeah, 298 unread emails in my inbox. Before you go thinking that I am some super popular important person (which you may be very apt to think ;)), let me assure you that about 200 of them are some kind of newsletter/sale alert from random retailers, another 70 are Facebook notifications that I already know, and…okay there isn’t a third category. Ugh.

How do I let it get so out of control? I haven’t let it get this bad in a long time. But it can happen quickly, when you’re signed up for every other newsletter in America. I originally signed up to get coupons, at least I think so.

Not wanting to take the ten extra seconds to delete a few e-mails, I have dug myself quite the cyberspace pit. Who knows how long it will take me to get out now. I think I’ll find out another day. 🙂

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