It’s a Conspiracy, Man.

Remember a few months ago when I was bemoaning the fact that I had to buy another pair of sunglasses because my $3 pair from Kohl’s that I bought last year had broken?

Yeah.  Well, like a good little mom I trotted right over to TJ Maxx (torturous, I know) and found a cute pair of Guess sunglasses for $20. And Guess what? They just broke.

Somehow, they mysteriously lost a screw and now the “G” hangs a little lower on my cheek bone and they fall off if I move my head. One more reason to go out and buy that Gorilla glue. As I am sure they would look fabulous with a splash of white gunk on the side, adding a little more icing to my bling.

Honestly, it kinda frosts my cookies–having to buy another pair of sunglasses this year. So much so that I am developing theories and starting to think it’s all a giant conspiracy. Like in the 1950s when once everyone already had a refrigerator, the refrigerator salesmen started to wonder: “how will we sell anymore refrigerators if everyone already has one?” So they started making refrigerators that would break down.

Legend? Fact? I can’t remember. It probably came from a class discussion we had in American history. Either way, I wouldn’t put it past those dirty rotten scoundrels. Getting kick backs from the Chinese government to sell us poor quality fridges and cheap shades. Humpf!

I’m so frustrated, I am about to go out and get me a pair of these.

photo taken from

If they don’t have spindly little hinges, maybe they wont break? And then maybe I can be as happy as she is.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Conspiracy, Man.

  1. jjqmarriott says:

    You are not alone, I’ve gone through three pairs of cheap sunglasses this summer. I don’t want to buy expensive ones. I can’t justify it, since I live in Victoria BC and only need them in the summer months when the sun actually shines. However, I think I might as well have bought the expensive ones instead of three cheap ones, it starts to add up. But then I would have to stop giving them to my toddler to play with when he’s fussing in the stroller.

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