What’s new

Here’s what’s new around our house these days…

Here he comes! (ignore the pile of shoes in the background :))

Yup, he’s pretty much a walker now! Finally! He is 13 months old.

He wields that little push toy around like it's nothing. Well, it is a cheapo, but it's great entertainment--for him and me.

As we settle into this second year of having two in tow, things are getting easier.  It’s a nice break.

When I  found out I was going to have another baby only 14 months after I had my first, people told me the first year would the hardest. I wasn’t sure I believed them at the time, but I’m starting to now.

Some days are still tough, but I am getting into a groove and enjoying the world of mommywood…as long as I’ve had my coffee 🙂

Thanks boys for the laughs and the hours of endless entertainment!

Come on, how cute is that?

10 thoughts on “What’s new

  1. She's a Maineiac says:

    Oh! So sweet! Way to go little man on the walking! And you are doing a fantastic job! My son started walking at nine months and my daughter at exactly one year. They are four years apart though.

  2. YFG says:

    Seventy years ago I learned to walk. Now i’m learning to walk with a stroller! Ain’t life great? What goes around, comes around.
    God Blessing on you, little fella. YFG

  3. Amy says:

    So funny because I was just thinking yesterday about how if I were you, I would already have another baby now and how crazy that would be! 🙂 Praise God for giving you the grace and strength to handle two little ones so close in age. And yay for Landon walking! I feel like it’s so much more fun when they can walk.

  4. pinkunderbelly says:

    Precious! I’d almost forgotten how angelic and mischievous and innocent little guys look (mine are 9 and 12 now, so it’s been a while since they looked like that!). Enjoy every minute — especially when they’re sleeping!

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