Thanks Blogging Community, I am now addicted to my computer

After the last post about my insatiable appetite for candy corns, I feel the need to give you an update.

1. I’m still alive and well. The candy corn didn’t get the best of me. And while I do love all things sweet (even for breakfast) I do eat grains, fruits, dairy, meat…and oh yeah, vegetables…sometimes.

2. I regret to inform you that there are no more candy corns in my house. While I did grab several handfuls yesterday in celebration of my fifteen minutes of fame all due to the magnificent candy corn, I *made* my brother eat the last few so my throat would stop hurting.

3. Never in my memorable life have I heard of mixing peanuts with candy corn! But apparently it seems to be the thing to do. Have I been under a rock for 30 years? Mixing nuts and corn, will now be on my “to do” list.

4. I am now (and possibly forevermore) addicted to my computer. Trying to respond to comments, read blogs, think about writing another post…Will life ever be the same again??? Probably.

5. For those of you who are reading this and will possibly be a regular here (I hope)–thank you. I hope you find something you like or can relate to. I’m really not that exciting of a person.

6. And lastly, since there are no candy corns in my house, I thought I should let you know that I have turned back to an old standby, Toll House chocolate chips. They don’t make my throat or my belly hurt. Those are the positives.

Thanks again! Hope to see you around! 🙂

Oh wait, one more thing… There are still many more days of candy corn eating ahead of me. The season is young, folks!

8 thoughts on “Thanks Blogging Community, I am now addicted to my computer

  1. RachaelB says:

    LOL, I read your blog because it makes me laugh! Thanks for being so lighthearted. You’d never know you were dealing with the stress of moving your family across the country multiple times in a matter of months. By the way, you really should upgrade to Ghiradelli chocolate chips. I made the switch and now I’ll never go back. I know I can always count on them when my husband has eaten all our real snacks.

  2. Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

    ooh, I have had those before. they are good. Might have to do that 🙂 Thanks for reading! I want to get into some deeper stuff, but I find myself writing about the little silly things instead. Maybe someday I’ll have more time to think of something more profound! 😉

  3. She's a Maineiac says:

    Candy corn and nuts, huh? Crazy!

    I am so excited you were Freshly Pressed. Now you will be addicted to blogging! mua ha haaa! Come on over to the Dark Side….:D

    I think it’s funny that the post before the candy corn one was about how you’re a better blogger without your husband. Looks like you also get FP without your husband! 😉

  4. Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

    Very honored, thank you. Sometimes I think it’s funny when I tag a post “humor”…I wonder, is that post really humorous? Or is it humorous that I am tagging a post that really isn’t that humorous? Oh well, stop worrying and just write, right? Thanks for coming back 🙂

  5. Michelle Fitzurka says:

    Love the humor & relate to the sugar-induced perpetual binges… it’s Whoppers for me, until my molars are gummed together. When will we learn??? Congrats on the Fresh-Press! It was well deserved! Blessings! 🙂

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