Love and Lemons

Our lemons!

Right now, my husband and I are sitting on the couch like zombies. He, starring at the computer screen looking over things like OE scores and labor costs from Chick-fil-A that I am sure he already knows. And me, starring at some corny Christmas catalogue I had previously made fun of, flipping through pages of flannel muumuus with cardinals on them and “clinically proven” skin ointment that cures psoriasis. That’s about all I have the energy to do right now.

So why have I missed two days of thankfulness? Umm, cheesy Christmas catalogues, of course. Actually, it’s been a busy weekend watching Flying Wild Alaska on Netflix. We’re hooked. And there’s been the normal things of parenting, working, and actually having some friends over!

But I will recap the past three days now:

Friday, I was thankful for fireplaces…particularly when there are fires in them and when they’re gas. It’s been making our house so cozy lately.

Saturday was my first day back working at the CFA (Chick-fil-A) since we moved here. I forgot how much I missed it. It was crazy, hectic, and fun. Darrell and I were wiping tables, “refreshing beverages,” and sweeping up fries together. How romantic. But the absolute highlight of my day, and possibly my whole week, was when a little old lady told me that she loved me.

It was awesome. She was the sweetest thing.

I got the sense from her husband that she may have a bit of Alzheimers. I guess to be so bold as to tell a perfect stranger you love them, your mind must have to be a little more “free.” But I felt it too, and I think I said I loved her back. I do. She had the best smile and just this wonderful friendly sense about her. She felt like a kindred spirit. And I am sure that if there weren’t 45 years separating us, that we would be the best of friends. I could sense it. I am thankful for that.

As for today? I am thankful for our prolific little lemon tree and the resulting homemade lemonade. It was so much fun picking the lemons,  smelling them (its the most divine smell ever when you pick them from the tree), squeezing them, and making our own sweet treat.

My little helper

From 22 lemons we squeezed four cups of lemon juice! And there are many more ripening on the tree. I am so excited!

Here is our lemonade recipe:

4 cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 cups of sugar

4 quarts of water (or 16 cups)

Making a little more than a gallon of homemade lemonade.

It is pretty tasty! Only downside is it lasts about 72 hours. So we’ll be drinking lots of lemonade the next few days!

6 thoughts on “Love and Lemons

  1. Jarah says:

    The story about the old lady at CFA is so sweet. It reminds of the video CFA did “Everyone has a Story’. That couple had probably been married for years and they had a life full of love hopefully. I could just picture it, and I bet you had the urge to hug her. I have met customers like that as well. They care about you and you sense love from them even though they don’t say it. Its amazing…I don’t personally know people from other public places or see them frequently enough to know about them. But it seems at CFA we are there so much we get that opportunity to know others.

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