Prayers and Poetry, Inspired by Poop

Frustrated, impatient, and tired, I came into my room, sat on my bed and prayed in earnest, “Please, Lord, let him poop.” (You never know what you are going to be praying for as a parent, do you?)

Then just like that, a wave of inspiration flowed over me. Was it the Holy Spirit? I wish. It was poetry. About poop. Most likely inspired by the rhythmic story about the little blue truck I read to my son at least three times while he sat on the potty trying to push “it” out. Glorious, I know.

But, I thought I might just as well share my inspirational poopy poetry with you all. Enjoy ;).

I call it, “Please Lord, Let Him Poop.”

I’m losing my patience,

He needs a nap.

All we need is a little splat.

Or maybe a plop,

Maybe even three,

Or just as many as there needs to be.

He runs back and forth from potty to potty.

Don’t know if he’s serious,

Or being naughty.

This is taking too long.

It’s been half an hour,

And this whole pooping thing is making me sour.

Poor kid is having hard stools, I know

He needs some Miralax to let it flow.

He wants to go on the potty, that’s great!

But going at all,  I will celebrate.

So put on the diaper, kid, and do your thing,

And we can all rest–this is so tiring.

Whenever, wherever, however he goes

I will holler and shout and give a big “Woop!”

So, please Lord, just let him poop!

7 thoughts on “Prayers and Poetry, Inspired by Poop

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      Oh goodness, isn’t parenting crazy! I know only moms (and some dads) can really appreciate the poop stories, without getting grossed out. And I thought potty humor was for middle-schoolers. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in again!

  1. Jarah says:

    haha I am so with you. Savannah is having pooping problems too. I think she is afraid to go in the potty and still needs security with a diaper. She will hold it in for three days at a time. It worries me and I have started having her drink prune juice. I think this is just a thing some kids go through. Very good poem.

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      Thanks Jarah! I have heard this is normal but it can be so frustrating too! Prune juice is good…I forgot about that. The doctor told me to put a little Miralax in his drink the same time every day and then sit him on the potty for a few minutes every day at the same time. He holds it too, obviously 🙂 We will get there. Darrell keeps reminding me that he’s never met a 12 year old who isn’t fully potty trained. 🙂

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