Luckless at the Library

I’m really starting to dislike the local library. I am sure the feelings are mutual.

Folks, I have just incurred a $20.00 fee for returning damaged books!

Yes, it was my fault. I’m guilty. Here’s what happened:

I set the books on the floor of my van next to my water bottle. My water bottle that occasionally leaks water. And they got a little wet. I did not notice this until I picked them up to put them in the return box. Figuring they only got a little damp, I wiped the covers of the board books and threw them in the slot. Apparently they were more wet than I thought. I called to question and received something about pages sticking together.

Good grief! I am having the worst library luck ever.

The irony of the situation? The book that was actually peed on, isn’t one of the ones I am paying to replace. Shhhh.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to visit the library for another 100 years.

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