Goooooood Morning! (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

This morning I woke up to my three-year-old son unlocking our front door, buck naked. When I asked him what he was doing he calmly said, “I’m just looking for the orange airplane.” Oh, thanks for clarifying.

And the naked part?

I knew I put him to bed with pajamas and a diaper on. Where were they?

Excellent question.

I should have thought about the reason he was naked when I decided to scoop him up into my arms, because I scooped up more than him. I scooped up poop.

I am really sorry. I hope one of these days my blog consists of more than potty humor. But right now, that’s the humor I got! 😉

So yes, he had a messy bottom, hence the no clothes and no diaper. He took them off himself, and then figured the next reasonable thing was to search for an orange airplane that has been missing for months. Oh, three year olds.

Well, needless to say we cleaned up, had breakfast, and have now played with play-doh for about an hour. And it’s 8:15 a.m. Oh, the life. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

3 thoughts on “Goooooood Morning! (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

  1. kristenoneal7 says:

    I loved reading this today, it described most of my mornings. I woke up at 6:30am with my two year old who was naked and eating a loaf of bread watching Fox News…kids : )

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