Happy Crappy: A day in the Life

This morning I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to a little pee spot on the carpet next to my bed. After sopping up the pee with a bath towel, the rest of my day played out something like this:

Go downstairs, eat cereal, make coffee, toast for the kids, get the happy baby from his crib, nurse and feed him, have a serious discussion about parenting with my one and only, shed some tears, hug, (it’s all going to be okay), change clothes, brush teeth, off to Target, pick up ham, rolls, cheese, lotion, a baby swing (Happy Birthday!!) browse the aisles (a favorite past-time), buy a kite string (promised), home, unload the car, put away stuff that I didn’t plan to buy at Target, clean up the kitchen, make eggs (because I am suddenly starving), prepare ham rolls for tonight’s meeting, clean up the kitchen (again), host brief visit from our friend Ben arriving to pick up Darrell for a concert (uh-huh), make lunch, eat lunch, host a play date, try to have a conversation, answer doorbell to FedEx delivering my homeschooling curriculum (!!!) (more on this later), manage potential meltdowns with kids, answer door to friend delivering a tea cup saucer left in a cardboard box we gave them after our move (thank you!), manage potential meltdowns with kids, put kids down for late naps (too short, of course), clean kitchen (again), snack, wake a sleeping baby (so hard to do but must be done in order to…) fly a kite (promised), make grilled cheese for dinner, put ham rolls in the oven, eat dinner, pack the kids in the van, pick up babysitter, (burn ham rolls), return home, change clothes, nurse baby, say goodbye to kids, head to meeting, eat food, chat with friends, laugh. Return home to sharpie marker on the kitchen table (oops), scrub with Comet (it worked!!), text babysitter to tell her the good news (she’s a sweet one), sweep the floor, walk upstairs, lay in bed, write a blog post. 



I think that’s about it.

Wait–add, computer dies, run down stairs to get charger, grab a ham roll (they weren’t really burnt, just crispy) plug in charger, turn on computer, post blog post.

And now, finally, I can go to sleep. Good night. 





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