One Mom of Multiples

Well, here I am at 26 weeks. Just me, 2 of my 3 boys, and little girls in the tummy. I truly am a mom of multiples. In more ways than one!

Last night, I went to my first official “moms of multiplies” group. It was interesting. A small turn out. Probably because of the 109 degree weather. Pregnant ladies and heat do not mix well. But I weathered it (ha!). I have been meaning to go to one of these since I found out I was having twins. Correction, since I became accustomed to the fact that we were having twins.

The format for last night’s meeting was a parents panel, where families with multiples shared their stories and we got to ask questions. There were a total of four women (two couples) who shared their stories. All of them had twins. All but one had fraternal twins. And two ladies there with their very very young twins, I am talking 11 weeks and 4 weeks old! It was really encouraging for me to see people out and about with twins so early, as I have imagined myself a shut in for months! They also didn’t have any other kids at home, so that may make a difference. I wonder how old the twins will be when I venture out of the house by myself with all 5 kids? Shoot, I even wonder how old the twins will be until I venture out with them? Or with the twins and Lee? Oh gosh.

The questions largely centered around feeding babies. I guess that is everyone’s biggest concern. That and sleep are my top two. Dirty diapers, extra laundry, two babies to bathe, dress, hold, etc. do not scare me. Not that it will be easy. But being able to feed two babies and keep them on the same schedule so that I am not nursing for 15+ hours a day and can actually get a few hours of sleep at time–that–that is what worries me.

And last night, I got to see a gal in the heart of it. She brought one of her 4 week old twins with her. I think she came to participate on both sides of the parents panel. She shared the story of her pregnancy, birth, and tips for the first few weeks (which were all part of a great experience for her), but you could hear the desperation in her voice and see it in her eyes when she began asking about pumping, breastfeeding, her need to get out of the house, and her mixed emotions about supplementing with formula.

For a while now I have hoped of tandem nursing (nursing two babies at once). When someone mentioned that to me as a reality, it seemed like the dark cloud hanging over my head disappeared. For a while. Until I had my first run in with a father of newborn twins. The latch, the latch, was difficult to get for the two boys. Oh the latch. I haven’t had any problems nursing any of my children, thank God. But twins are a whole ‘nother animal. If the babies are born too early, or they are too little, their mouths are small, or they have a hard time latching, tandem nursing may not work straight out the gate. So I have to be prepared to pump and to supplement with formula. Again, so many unknowns. But at least there are options. And I am going to stay positive. Whatever happens, I have to be ready to roll with the punches. Adapt–or die.

On a totally different note, as of yesterday I am officially 26 weeks! I had two appointments this week, one with the perinatologist and one with my regular OB. At the perinatologist they checked my amniotic fluid and my cervix. And the only male doctor I have seen so far this pregnancy said, “Wow, if I had a cervix I’d want it to look like that!”

Well, thank you. Thank you very much. I guess that translates to “your cervix looks great!” I’m thankful because I guess when a cervix is not looking so great (open or low) then they start talking bed rest. So thanks for the kind words, doc!

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