Home hair highlighting kits: don’t try them at home

Home hair highlighting kits are never a good idea. Remind me next time.

Yeah, right, that's what my hair will look like.

Smelly, messy, unpredictable…dangerous.



As I am hanging my head over the shower trying to wash the toxins out of my hair, the water starts dripping down the sides of my face.


Well, it’s all over now and I still have my eyesight, thankfully. But can you imagine going blind from a highlighting kit?! BLIND. Like, not able to see?! I sure can. And it isn’t fun. It would be a horrible thing to have to tell my husband over the phone.

As for the unpredictable part? My hair looks nothing like the model’s on the box. I should have seen that one coming. Oh yeah, and I decided to trim my own bangs. Killer combo.

If I were telling you this on Twitter I’d say something like, #notmyfinesthour.

16 thoughts on “Home hair highlighting kits: don’t try them at home

  1. eternalros3 says:

    That’s how I thought my first at-home dye would go. These things should come with a guide who walks you through the process as to avoid such a mess.
    I got mine in my eyes but thankfully avoided re-painting the bathroom interior. As far as bangs – I know I don’t trim mine evenly but I cut a centimeter at a time, since I’m not paying $15 to go to a salon JUST for that.

      • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

        Haha. It had been a long time since I highlighted my hair so I forgot how messy it could be…plus it was a new way to do it…the brush? Weird. Anyhow, it turned out “okay.” Don’t think I will do it again, or at least do it a different way. Just started highlighting my hair again after six years of not!! Oh, and the bangs…I need to touch them up, they are a little too straight across :/ Ah, the life of a woman! Many salons I’ve been to do free bang trims, but I didn’t even make time to do that!

  2. KallaiJTravelbee says:

    And this is the reason why I always say it is trying, unpredictable, hard at times being a woman! Thank you for the Sunday laugh! – on a serious note…. sorry about your hair.

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      oh my gosh! Haha. I know, that’s kinda how mine turned out. I used to be a blonde, but it’s so much darker now. I have some other blonde highlights mixed in from when I got it professionally done a few months ago, so thankfully it doesn’t look too bad!

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      that’s good! I haven’t highlighted my hair in like six years–used to be blonde, then was dark ash blonde and was getting tired of it. Went to a salon to have highlights done a few months ago and it came out pretty well. Thought I could touch up my roots myself…failure. 😦 Well, it’s not that bad…but not sure if I will go through the effort again only to half like it. Oh well 🙂

  3. Green, Baby! Designs says:

    I have a rule–NEVER let a friend do my hair. Broke my rule, cause… well, I was broke and couldn’t afford to get it professionally done. My hair turned out an interesting orange-frizzy-blonde. Oh my. Thanks for the jarring my memory of that day! Just remember…it’ll grow. ;o)

  4. Flawless Mom says:

    I used to color my own hair all the time. I loved how much money I saved, and it always came out pretty great. Then I started realizing there were little spots of dye all over the bathroom. I looked closer and saw that they were EVERYWHERE! And they’re hard to remove. So, I stopped. But it still kills me a little bit every time I pay over $100 to get my hair colored. I’m going tomorrow for the first time in MONTHS. I wait until my roots get embarrassing before I drag my ass in there. I mean, $100 could buy a lot of stuff! (about 12 boxes of hair dye, as a matter of fact.)

    • Butterfingers for Breakfast says:

      Yes, the cheapness. That is what drove me to do it myself. Haven’t done it myself in a while. In fact, I got my hair highlighted at a salon a few months ago for the first time in SIX years. Now I might be regretting it…gotta keep it up I guess…for a while! Think I’ll make the pay the money next time, but yes, I may let the “roots get embarrassing” before going. There are certainly many many other things I’d like to spend $100 on. Oh well.. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  5. happykidshappymom says:

    You are so right! It never comes out like it looks on the box. Glad to hear you’ve still got your sight…

    And a belated CONGRATULATIONS on your Freshly Pressed post! I saw it and thought — wait! I know her! And then life took over and I am just now passing along my good wishes. I’m glad you got up there on the home page — you deserve it!

    But now I’ve just brought home a bag of candy corn and I’m not sure I should open it.

    I’m impressed that you attempted highlights on your own… that’s a feat! My sister used to lie in the sun with lemon juice in her hair. 🙂 It actually worked pretty well.

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